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What an incredible and awesome Kingdom dispensation that we are living in within the Body of Christ. We bring you precious greeting from the King of Kings and Lord of Lords our Savior Jesus the Christ.

Hello, we are Pastors Rico and Dana Sharp the Visionaries of The Word Center and we welcome you to our Ministry’s website. The Word Center is a family Church meeting family needs, building family values and family’s success. Our Church has something to offer for all people regardless of history, race, gender, economic status, or political preference. The Word Center is the perfect Church for imperfect people in need of a perfect God. We are a lively, spirit-filled, nondenominational, bible -teaching, charismatic Church located in the city of Sanford, Florida. We have exceptional high times of praise and worship along with powerful teaching and preaching from both Pastor Dana and I. We even offer an awesome children’s Church services guaranteed to develop and educate your children while introducing them to their own personal relationship with Jesus.

Here is why we believe that our Family’s Church is the Church for your family as “the” Church you can make your family home. The Word Center is the Church for you and your family because we are a non-discriminative, multicultural, community-oriented, Christian values Church with an inner city vision.

Here are five things you can expect once you arrive at The Word Center:

  1. The entire truth of God’s life changing Word along with practical but yet powerful teachings and preaching from God’s Holy Bible.
  2. A warm embracing atmosphere of genuine love, divine healing, and non-prejudice reception for all people.
  3. A life changing impartation and encounter with The Holy Spirit.
  4. An non-aggressive, come as you are, be who you are, all are welcomed, respected and valued environment.
  5. A Family Church with Family structure, Family Values, Family standards and a Family focus. After all, we are the Family of God and one Family in God.


Having shared those things- we welcome you home to The Word Center where the doors to our house and the doors to our hearts are always open for you and your family. A Church alive is worth the drive and a Ministry with a Vision is the right Decision. We are Pastors Rico and Dana Sharp, covenant with us as we win the world with the Word.

We bid you Godspeed!
See you soon.


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